“You Are Forgiven”

From the Back Cover: “Do you have doubts about God? Do you think He has stopped working in our lives in this modern world? Do you believe He stopped caring after the Bible was assembled? Well… He did not. He continues to interact with humans today. Meet Dawn. She was raised upon solid Christian values, but for many years she ignored God’s signs in her life. She played hard, made poor choices and found herself in quite a few scrapes. Luckily, God did not abandon her. When she finally had enough dark days, she went in search of Him. She was rewarded, just as the Bible says, when He gave her a wondrous gift – the gift of His presence, along with a grace message for modern day spiritual warriors. This is one woman’s testimony of stubbornness, until God delivered her a much-needed message of hope.”

Photos (please contact Dawn for different sizes/resolutions at https://dmpaul.com/contact-me/):