The World of Christian Tompta

The Middle Grade Chapter Novels

“Gnomeling: The Tales of Christian Tompta, Book 1”

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Christian Tompta is a young gnome on the verge of turning 13, who lives in a ceramic mushroom house with his family on a bookshelf in a human home. Gnome culture dictates that at this birthday, gnomelings must take on a mission or quest of great import to show they are ready for an adult job. Christian’s dream is to become Zach’s guardian (Zach is the human boy who lives in the house), which is a great honor amongst the gnome-folk. The first law of gnome culture dictates gnomes must never be seen alive by humans, so Christian has been closely sheltered, only going out of the house to get human books from the bookshelf. Now, as his birthday nears, he begins to worry and fret about the mission. Join Christian as he prepares for an adventure like those he has only dreamed about in books! Now available in ebook or paperback on Amazon at

“Gnomeling Goes Home: The Tales of Christian Tompta, Book 2”

Join Christian Tompta on another big adventure! He must once again plod and slog his way through the grassy jungle of an Ohio autumn, unaware of what trials he may face. Will nature conquer him? Will he make another friend, or will the bunny rejoin him? How long can a gnomeling go without a bath? Find answers to these and other questions in book 2 of “The Tales of Christian Tompta.” Purchase it here:

“Gnomeling Journeys to Joddeburg: The Tales of Christian Tompta, Book 3”

Christian’s gone and done it this time! Papa has to get involved, and together they journey across the Ohio countryside to find out Christian’s fate. This gnomeling  wants so badly to earn his mystical shoes and conical, yet things just don’t seem to go his way. Join Christian and Papa as they team up with friends, meet new gnomes, watch the Gnomympic Games, visit the gnome village of Joddeburg and face misadventure. Will Papa handle things now? Will Christian cower, and give up all he has worked for? Or will Christian face the challenges set before him? “Gnomeling Journeys to Joddeburg” can be found here:

“Gnomeling Treks the Midnight Forest: The Tales of Christian Tompta, Book 4”

The finale in the series adds more exciting adventure and mystery for our hero. Traveling with Papa presents a real inner struggle for Christian because though he is supposed to be transitioning into maturity, sometimes it’s easier to fall back into old patterns, and let his father be the one in control. But what happens when his father can’t? Join Christian on this last journey in this series!

The Picture Book and Companion Coloring and Activity Book with Fun Facts

“Meet Christian Tompta”

This book is for younger kids (3-8 years old) to read with a parent or older sibling. It’s a condensed and slightly different version of the “Gnomeling” novel story. Christian Tompta, a small gnome who lives on a human’s bookshelf, must go on quite an adventure! He’ll struggle and make friends in this picture book. Everyone should be included when gnomes are about – and everyone should have a gnome friend! Click here to get the book:

“Gnomeling: The Companion Coloring and Activity Book”

This is a fun companion book for all ages to the series. It contains coloring pages, puzzles, and fun facts about the world that Christian Tompta lives in and his gnome culture. Get yours today:


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