Caricatures with Flair

People love to be known, and giving them a gift that highlights their positive features is a way to show you know and care for them. Or maybe you would like a fun picture of yourself to enjoy. I love creating caricatures of people, because I love their many and different facets-each one a special jewel. Contact me to create something for someone special-it’s as easy as sending a photo! For more info go to: https://dmpaul.com/art-gallery/caricatures-baby/

  • Caricature of myself

Grow with God Books

Coloring as you meditate and talk to God helps you grow closer in your relationship to Him. Journal pages are a place to record your thoughts, conversations and prayers. I often have trouble sitting still, which is why I created these Bible meditation coloring journals to help focus on God’s Word. To learn more about the books and for purchase links go to: https://dmpaul.com/books/grow-with-god-the-gods-promises-workbook-series/

Art Prints

I have been drawing fantasy art in traditional and digital mediums for a few years now. I love showing God’s light through His vivid colors and the visions that He has given me. He is the most amazing Artist! Prints are available in the shop here: https://dmpaul.com/art/digital-painting-shop/

  • "Pollinating Protection" Digital Print
  • "Pollinating Gentleness" Digital Print

Original Art

Painting is my jam-especially when I use bright bold colors. Sometimes I paint inside the lines and sometimes I don’t. I paint in acrylic, digital, colored pencil, and watercolor and ink. Contact me directly for original art here: https://dmpaul.com/about-2/contact/

“The World of Christian Tompta” Children’s Books

Kids love whimsy and humor. People often think that stories need to be simplified for kids, but that’s simply not true. The language is more age appropriate, but kids enjoy intricate stories and games where they can identify with the characters. Check out the adventures of Christian Tompta with free downloads and purchase links at the website below: https://christiantompta.com

Additional Books

For a story about how God has worked in my life, check out my first book, “You Are Forgiven” here: https://dmpaul.com/books/wake-up-sleeper/

And to learn about this fun picture book, “Blue Sky, White Cloud,” go here: https://dmpaul.com/books/blue-sky-white-cloud/

I’m glad you’re here and I hope you find something to bring you a mental rest from our busy world, whether it’s a story, a piece of art, or a meditation coloring journal. My wish is to serve you in the best way possible and be a blessing to you.

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