Grateful Moments 11


When a bird takes flight

its wings spread majestically

soaring over me.


A Christmas Sonnet


When King Herod called the money changer

to count all the people across the land

from Galilee Sea to Bethlehem sand,

mothers fretted over baby danger.

Wise men journeyed far from countries stranger,

and lowly sleeping shepherds took a stand,

when an angel came and held up his hand

to share news of hope born in a manger.

“Across the fields, follow a glowing star

to an animal-filled stable so stark,

our humble bundle lies awake this night

close to his loving parents-it’s not far.

In this broken world of despair and dark,

He is Hope-bringing peace, love, joy and light.”

(Petrarchan Style using cde/not cdc)

Merry Christmas!

May Jesus bring you hope, peace, joy, love

and light in your life-now and always.