How can I love you – a cup?

You are reliable. You do the job you said you’d do, keeping my drink icy all day and night.

You are effortless. I wash you like an ordinary cup and easily clutch you in my hand.

You are pretty. Mint green isn’t my usual color, but you calm me.

Don’t Dance

Dont Dance

Born in the 70’s, a teen through the 80’s:

dances, posters, concerts and parties rule

but many many years wage on like war

and then it’s a hip happenin’ 80’s dance party

so I danced like I was a teen again

but alas, my body loses the battle

and I wonder if this new land will recover.



Father of my Child


Oh! Viking man of my heart,

how do I love you so hard

still, after all of these years?

Frustrations, separations,

adventures and complications

have all participated

in a marriage grown stronger

as our bodies grow weaker.

I feel like Shakespeare who penned,

“I would not wish anyone but you…”

or like Solomon who sang in his song,

“Your love is more delightful than wine.”

Still, and again after all these years,

I look into your deep blue eyes

and see you there, strong and sturdy,

 so I dive in and swim…

until you blink, and the world returns.

Then I feel the loss of you

even though you lie beside me still

and I wonder if I am crazy.

But I’ve been told, we all have

our own little shade of insanity.

Yet the truth remains

that through aging pain

my despair won’t reign

or become a blighted stain

upon my heart.

Your love still rings true,

as does my love for you.

A Sensory Explosion


Strange odors drift under my nose

fruity, salty, spicy, greasy –

creating both yearning and revulsion.

Cacophonous noise echoes around me

friends laugh, babies cry, grandma yells

shall I focus on them, or plug my ears?

Toddler bounces on my bench,

football player stamps the floor,

my table, drink and pen shake.

Star-spangled shorts, ribbon-ed dreads,

batman t-shirt, man-bun, sparkly pink shoes

shall I watch or shall I write?

I give up.

Fried rice mixes with acai blueberry water

on my tongue.

I taste fruit, salt, spice and grease, and I smile.