“Be Still”

Hi friends!

I’m happy to announce that #2 in “The Big Comic Gnome Show, You are a Be-ing, Not a Do-ing” is finished!

I’m moving right along in this acrylic painting series of giant gnome comics. They are 36 x 36 inches each and a contronym or oxymoron in a painting, i.e. giant gnome. 😃

I hope you enjoy him as much as I do!

“Be Still” 36×36 inch Acrylic Painting

June 2020

Hello friends!

It’s been a while since I wrote a blog post. I am writing a monthly newsletter with updates consistently, so sign up for that if you haven’t yet. Things are haywire in our world right now, but we can still look to the good and share the positive.

In the time of COVID, we bought a new home and moved. Luckily, my daughter was home from college and was a huge help to me and my husband since we couldn’t ask friends to help. We are getting settled in and I have a lovely new studio. If you’d like to see it, there’s a video on my Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jaQNKJWvUqQ&t=11s Please check out my other videos while you’re there!

Beginning today, June 5, and running through July 18 is the virtual art show, “reMEMBERed,” at the Dayton Society of Artists. My painting, “A Double Welcome,” placed, and I have been awarded a free entry to the 2021 spring show at the DSA! You can tour the show here: https://daytondsa.org/remembered/

Also, next month I will be the featured “Author of the Month” on Janet Irvin’s “From the Write Side” website. Please check out the interview at http://www.janetirvin.com in July.

New art has been uploaded to the website, so peruse the gallery and, of course, my books are always available on Amazon!

I hope you are making the most of this time at home and if you are worried or full of fear, might I suggest prayer? It eases me in a time of chaos.

Love ya!


A New Year’s Scales

I wrote this poem for the Dayton Christian Scribes newsletter and received compliments so thought I would share here with you as well. Enjoy!

Looking back upon the past year,
brings to mind much sorrow and cheer.
Changes and challenges abound
as escalates, the rising sound
of crowds watching the New Year ball
glittering as confetti falls.

Gain and loss have again become
the scale we measure value from.
As this one dies and this one thrives,
we reevaluate our lives,
checking if we have what it takes
to prevent repeating mistakes.

Perhaps this is the promised year
we step out and win, without fear.

Elvish Ruckus

Elves around the yule log

singing merrily;

one pokes at the fire,

which sparks it scarily.

Others start to push, and then

shove others mercilessly.

Some begin to cry and yell,

shouting extremely loudly.

They wake the reindeer in the barn

who begin to bay ragingly.

Lights flicker on in the cabin;

the snow reflects brightly.

Santa opens up the door

and peers out intently,

“What’s going on out there!”

he bellows angrily.

One lone elf creeps to the door,

looking down bashfully;

“I’m sorry I started the ruckus, Santa,”

he sniffles softly.

Santa leans in and pats his back,

then smiles forgivingly.


Happy 2020!

Hello friends!

People keep posting about their goals for the new year as they look back upon the last, and I decided I wanted to do that too!. The past year held a few “firsts” for me, which at my age is a bit surprising.

In 2019, the good things I did:

-submitted a full art book to the Brooklyn Art Library where it has been digitized and has traveled as part of their mobile library

-submitted to my first juried art show and was accepted

-created three pieces for my first gallery show with specifications of the artwork (2 firsts)

-changed my website to include art gallery images

-produced and published a picture book using Adobe’s InDesign

-submitted to my first juried art gallery show and 1 of 3 pieces was accepted

-sold my first commissions

-went really deep with some new Christian artist friends

-joined a local artist group

-went to my first “Mastermind” group meeting and later became part of the leadership team for continued monthly and bimonthly calls

-attended my first “Gathering of Artisans”

-produced and published twelve newsletters for the Dayton Christian Scribes

-began producing and publishing my own newsletter (contact me if you want on the list)

-improved my painting skill level

-relearned that puppies bring immense joy and exhaustion

-learned how much I love art trading cards as I participated and hosted in several swaps

-became intentional about making videos for my YouTube channel

The challenges I had or things that are no longer working:

-only 1 of 3 pieces were accepted in a juried show

-losing loved ones doesn’t work for me

-my husband and I are feeling our age as our health has declined, so I need to do and promote work via less physical avenues

-I’m going on hiatus from writing long works until I feel the Lord call me back to it.

Goals for 2020:

-posting my first solo art show in February

-participate in more ATC swaps

-continue to grow my audience by posting YouTube videos, possible reinstating regular blog posts, learning the Instagram game

-continue the monthly newsletters

-continue to grow my art skills

-enter more art contests

-participate in the local art group more

-paint BIG more

If you have made it this far, thank you for sticking with me. I appreciate you and wish for you to meet your goals for 2020, as well as receive some lovely surprises!