“Vikings” Theme Song: Emotive Poem


Gongs bang as vibrations seep in…deep tones.

Where do I dive into deepness?

A whisper-is it evil? Or soothing?

Confusion. I want more. Give me more.

No. Not if it’s dark or evil.

If he had a heart-is he a vampire?

Remember deep water, drowning victims,

dead lying on the floor in the video.

But me? I am not a killer-except of verse.

Give me more.

More what? Music? Friends? Spirit Interactions?

Don’t ask for those, darkness comes.

Keep the shadows at bay.

Pray darkness away.

Is there love here, or only emptiness?

Vibrating, beating, a heart’s beat.

Live again.

Life after death. Rejuvenate after the vibrations.

Give me more… Life.

I want a tomorrow.

Original photo provided by CC0 Pixabay and modified by me.


Seasons Turn

This is a roundabout poem done in 8, 6, 4, 4, 6 syllables per stanza and in the rhyme scheme of abccb/bcddc/cdaad/dabba. Enjoy!


Seasons pass as changes abound

Spring lopes in like a deer

flowers blooming

pollen looming

sinus never feels clear.

Summer sun wakes the birds, I fear.

Morning song is screeching

bury my head

deep in the bed

pillow drowns the chirping.

Crispy autumn leaves are falling

Bare trees reveal cold dread

dried worms are found

birds mute their sound

remember coming dead.

Visions swirling inside my head

Snow mounds growing higher

What’s that I hear?

A song of cheer?

Writing time’s come around


New Readers

IMG_1289Today I’m so excited (but also a little nervous) that one of my very good friends is getting ready to read my books to and with her kiddos tonight. Look at this cute photo she sent with those big smiles – the kids are excited too! Squeeeeeeeee!