Grow with God: The “God’s Promises” Workbook Series
God’s Promises Series

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God’s Promises for…

Do you want to spend more time growing closer to God but have trouble being still? Do you like to color? Are you a good listener? Do you want to become a better one? Do you struggle with the issues of courage, strength, having hope, healing and gaining God’s peace? Come to Him now. He wants to spend time with you.

These books are designed with Bible verses to meditate on while you color a simple image. Spend time thinking on His word and listening; then write down what you hear from Him, or your own prayers.

If you get stuck, here are a list of questions to ask the Lord as you meditate:

*What is God showing me?

*How does this verse make me feel?

*Why does He want me to see/know this?

*What area is this feeling coming from?

*What can I change to grow in my relationship?

*How can I grow closer to You, Lord?

*How can I be a stronger person?

*In what area do I need to grow and change?

*What makes me feel weak? How can I change that?

*What makes me feel scared?

*Why have I lost hope?

*How can I feel healthier? What improvements can I make to do so?

*Where is my confusion coming from, Lord?

*How can I simplify to make things easier?

*Where can I set healthy boundaries?

*What can I be grateful for in this situation?

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