The Info Sheet: Part 3

Continuing from last week, this is the FAQ section of the “Information Sheet:” “For a good range of Frequently Asked Questions, plus much additional information about Harry Potter, visit and Here however, are some of the most commonly asked: Will there ever be another Harry Potter novel? I have always refused to sayContinue reading “The Info Sheet: Part 3”

The Info Sheet: Part 2

Continuing from last week’s post on the supplemental “Information Sheet” I received when I wrote to J. K. Rowling as a fan girl… “By the time I finished writing the final, seventh book in the series, I had been living with Harry for seventeen years. Saying goodbye has been very difficult but the world inContinue reading “The Info Sheet: Part 2”

The Info Sheet: Part 1

The “Information Sheet” that came with the letter from J. K. Rowling (see in the previous post) begins with a note from the great and powerful author herself! “My full name is Joanne Kathleen Rowling. I added ‘Kathleen’, which was the name of my paternal grandmother, because my UK publishers wanted me to use myContinue reading “The Info Sheet: Part 1”