Christian Allegories in “The Tales of Christian Tompta” book series

*Spoiler Alert* If you don’t want to know scenes from the books, don’t read the following sections.

The allegorical arc over the 4 books explores a growing relationship with Christ.

  • At first, the relationship is spotty-as when humans begin to go to church or read the Bible. They live their lives, perhaps not knowing exactly what is right and/or wrong. Christian grows in relationship with Topher, like a new Christian grows his faith and his relationship with Jesus.
  • Faith needs to be fed and nourished with the Word; Christian feeds and nourishes the bunny.
  • As relationship progresses, understanding develops and increases about how God interacts and intervenes in lives. For Christian, when he is scared, Topher stomps a spider, warns Christian about predators, and pulls him from a pond with a nasty frog.
  • More conflicts develop – both in humans and in the gnomeling’s lives. Incidents arise that frighten-just like in real life. Unsavory characters are met-some are genuinely bad (snake, mole, feral cat) while others are not. This causes Christian to look at the inside of a being rather than its perceived reputation or capabilities (Stanky the skunk), and reference the authority (Topher), relying on his knowledge. A human needs to do the same, referencing authority through prayer and the Word. Everyone is capable of becoming unsavory characters.
  • When a human feels sick or desperate and just can’t handle another thing, they lean on Jesus more often as their relationship with Him grows. They depend on God to carry them, which is faith. Topher does this when taking care of Christian during his extreme illness.
  • A pivotal moment occurs when humans acknowledge Jesus’ sacrifice for them and the impact that has as humans are left bereft at their feelings of unworthiness. Topher sacrifices himself to the feral cat to save Christian.
  • A moment arises when Winny speaks to Christian about how much Topher must love him to make that sacrifice-like Jesus loves humans.

Additional allegories/metaphors contained within the series:

  • Topher gives Christian hope and security, like Jesus gives us.
  • Topher comforts and protects Christian, like Jesus comforts and protects us.
  • Topher shows Christian how to rest (sleeping in), like Jesus shows us.
  • Topher becomes a spiritual guide, like Jesus–alive but in a different way.
  • Christian maintains biblical morals in a general sense of decency, even though he becomes frustrated, angry, and sad.
  • God the Father/Creator is the Great Master Artist.
  • Pith is angels and Geist is the spirit realm/heaven.
  • Gnomes who die become spirits and live amongst Pith in Geist.
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