“You Are Forgiven”

“You Are Forgiven”

Are you on the fence about Jesus? Have you been going to church for years but still feel like you aren’t that “into it?” I can relate.

I was a sleeper. I was a zombie. But, through some pretty amazing events and God’s grace, He showed me a glimpse of Himself and Heaven’s all-encompassing love.

And then He used me.

This is not a story for atheists. This book is for the agnostics, the bored, the tired, the dejected and the Christian sleepers. It’s time to wake up! It’s time to grow a relationship with our creator. It’s time for you to know that “You Are Forgiven.”

This is my testimony.

If you would like to read my story, you may find the book at Amazon: http://tinyurl.com/hyvez4xSaveSaveSave

Reviews and Testimonials

4/5 Stars: “Author’s writing voice is friendly and welcoming, yet still informative. Well done. I enjoyed the action statements, such as listening to Christian music only for a period of time, to assess one’s own personal effects. Well done. Author has a nice balance of insight and action here. There is comfort here in the book, some very unique insights on perennial interpretation challenges, and moments of great connection.” – “Judge, 24th Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards.”

5/5 Stars: “For a good and uplifting read then this is the place to go. Even if you are on the fence about your faith the overwhelming positivism of this book will help you see what faith can do for some people. The author’s enthusiasm shines in all the writing and one can not help but be affected by the words and emotions. Can’t wait to read more of her work.” – T. Matson

5/5 Stars: “I just loved this book. I couldn’t put it down. The author’s faith and journey were obviously written from the heart. For me, it was so refreshing to read a story of someone who has had these types of experiences, because I too feel God trying to lead me down the right path, and when I follow it, it is amazing, but when I don’t, everything falls apart. So, it was easy to relate to this story and it was so well written; it warmed my heart.” – Shari L.

5/5 Stars: “…The book flowed wonderfully, was easy to read, and was all done in a very understandable and engaging manner. I really enjoyed it.” – Sandra D.

5/5 Stars: “Within these pages are secrets hidden in plain sight, a reality anyone can experience, a message of hope, love, and forgiveness. If you feel lost or adrift, read these pages.” – owl

5/5 Stars: “What an amazing read for anyone struggling to connect to God, spirituality, or life in general. Ms. Paul shares the most intimate and vulnerable stories of her life — a journey necessary to bring her to us as a vessel of God’s message for each of our lives.” – Heidi

5/5 Stars: “Such an honest and heartfelt tale of courage and faith. So glad I read it. I was immediately pulled into the story and had a difficult time putting it down. Well worth the read.” – Hanna

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