Gnome Love


Today I built the “Gnome and Friends” Facebook page. Why? Because there needs to be a place where people who love cute and friendly gnomes could get together and celebrate them.

Do you know what an otaku is? It’s a person obsessed by something. I learned the term from my daughter who is a Manga otaku. I guess everyone has something they are obsessed by, eh? For some it is their business and making money, for others is it about being popular and/or the center of attention. Even more people are obsessed by some sort of fashion, or collection, or music, or movies, or cars, or food, or exercise, etc.

An introspective person evolves and changes throughout their lifetime. I don’t mean with some platitude about trying to improve. I mean that an introspective person really gets to know their inner self. They are honest in their questioning, but more so in their answers. It can be scary to ask yourself deep questions, but nobody besides God needs to know what you say to yourself. I believe it is very important to find out who you are…on the inside.

I really love that in Scandinavian folklore gnomes are considered guardian spirits. The idea of having someone watching over my shoulder to look out for me reassures me – even if they only stand seven inches tall. Plus, they are just too cute.

Today I own that I am a Gnome Otaku.


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