Good morning friends!

I was so excited to see that my book has made it into the #4 slot in one of its categories. Pray for me that it hits #1 – then it will have the tag of Best Seller, and will hopefully get to more people who need it.

In other news, both exciting and sad, I will be suspending the “Coffee and Yarn Club” here. I’m not sure how many dedicated readers I have for it, but I feel that after the past few months of serious writing and releasing a book, I could do a much better job with it than I have. I will be reworking and revising it to completion at some point. When I finish it, I will determine if it will go back up here, or straight to an eBook. Please feel free to contact me if you are a regular reader of that story, as I will take any and all opinions into consideration for the future of it. I do not want to disappoint my readers, but feel the story would be better served if it is rewritten. I have struggled with it so.

I am dying to work on my Christian Tompta series. I wrote it during Nanowrimo in November and Christian is always hanging out in the back of my head. The little dude’s got an excellent heart and is pushing his way out!

If only writing these stories worked up quicker…

Again, if you are a regular reader of the Coffee and Yarn Club, please send me your feedback on it. As always, I am very grateful to my readers! Peace.


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I am an artist and writer at DMPaul.com. Come take a mental rest with me.

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