I enjoy a museum, and I think I’ll visit one soon.Why?

The best reason is to get the family out of the house. It’s nice to take a day trip locally – an escape from the humdrum of every day living without the expense of travel. We can delve into a story without reading a book, even though I so love books! What’s that called? Live action, you say? Perhaps we should wear costumes next time.

Another reason to visit is the variety of interests museums hold. There are art museums, which we inevitably visit many times over and never tire of because we can take them by one section at a time. We may sit on a bench and contemplate our surroundings, or meditate upon a painting or sculpture for their content, or sketch or study them for line, form, shape and color.

Visiting history museums can be fun when we stand amongst historical items to imagine ourselves wearing a uniform or fancy dress from days gone by, envisioning ourselves amongst the rubble of a flood or in a factory producing metallic objects that today’s children would not recognize.

Children’s museums have a wonderful way of engaging kids’ creative imaginations through hands-on activities, while science and specialty museums carry specific items as they pass through the ages. I remember how much fun we had at the SPAM museum, even though nobody in my house actually eats SPAM anymore.

Visiting museums is great for education. Remembering and reflecting on past problems reminds and helps in modern day, so that society doesn’t repeat its errors. Studying a progressive form of something as it advanced to become better may spark a new creative idea for someone in a particular industry, such as electronics or fashion. It also helps a mind stretch for possibility.

Are you bored? Tired of the same ol’? See what your city or town has in the way of museums, and get out of the house. Don’t forget to donate a few bucks either, if you can afford it; some people cannot, but education does our whole culture good.


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