Smelly Devices


Isn’t it interesting how our sense of smell doesn’t get much attention? We live in a world full of beauty and ugliness, hushed and obnoxiously loud sounds, soft and hard feels, superb and horrific flavors, and delicious or stinky odors. Well, I am paying more attention to those stinky odors nowadays, and am grateful for so many options.

Scented candles have been around forever (at least my whole life anyway). I have tried the cheapy finds that I could barely smell or that lasted maybe an hour. I have sold Partylite and I have actually worked for Colonial candle. Partylite had dainty decorative candle holders that I enjoyed and I thought CC’s scents were lovely in wonderfully shaped jars. My favorite, as with many others I’m sure, is Yankee candle. Those bad boys last forever and the jars are reusable for my miscellaneous doohickeys. I even made my own scented candles for a time. The problem here though, is that no matter which way you light it, you have to burn candles. That means fire. And babysitting the flame.

Scentsy has been great. I have several warmers and a container full of different scented bars. The smells are great, even if they cancelled my favorite – grape. I like their laundry smelling bars and anything even remotely fruity. I keep my Scenty’s up, but there is another problem for me here. I have to turn them on and off. If I forget, then the wax smell goes away much quicker and it involves either freezing the containers or digging the old wax out to change it more often.

My latest smelly devices to cover undesirable odors are plugins. I used them when I first moved out on my own, back when the word “plugin” wasn’t used as a website add-on, and back when the Glade brand had these little film covered slide packs that lasted about a month. Supposedly. Mine never seemed to, but they did work well for small areas. My new favorite plugin is Bath & Bodywork’s Wallflowers. There are several lovely scents and I can get nightlights for my bathrooms, or plain devices for other areas. The best part? I can leave them unattended.

In my car I’ve tried so many types of car fresheners and you know what? My favorite is the good old standby Little Trees Vanillaroma. Yes, Traci and Monica, I still love them.

I hope you’re using something to please your sniffer, because it makes life just a little sweeter.



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