A Total Sensory Experience

At the beach I close my eyes and…

I feel the wind ruffle the individual hairs on my arm and blow across my face. Gritty sand sticks to my feet. My skin is tight from dried saltwater.

I see the colorful umbrellas, kites, sand toys, bathing suits, blankets and towels as I look down the shore. The water washes in shades of blues and the sand paints in shades of white as it stretches, interspersed with tall grass.

I hear the crashing waves as they break across themselves and the sandbar. Seagulls and crows squawk as a radio plays in the distance. Children laugh.

I smell ozone and fish from the water, a hint of beer, and the sunscreen lotion with its whiff of coconut.

I lick my lips and taste the salt in its bitterness before I fall asleep.

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