I’m sitting on my sofa intending to read one of the thousands of books I have, but I’m truly exhausted. I have been working extremely hard since the first of the year to get these three “Gnomeling” books out. I also started my “Incredible Critters” series, have been blogging regularly, attending all sorts of writing groups and events, and have completed first round revisions on Book 2 of “The Tales of Christian Tompta” called “Home.”

Deep breath. Even writing all that makes me tired! No wonder. There’s always more to do-things I want to finish-yet NEVER enough hours in the day.

Even thought I’m worn out, I’m as pleased as punch that I now have four books out as an author. Count them. FOUR. And I am proud of each one. Probably just blogging this to give myself an excuse to rest, but there are books to balance, books to transfer, books to finish, even books to start. I’ve got drawing to do, more revisions,   and color work once I finish revisions. 

But… in this moment I will just reflect. God has been faithful. And here are my books!

Published by Dawn M. Paul

I am an artist and writer at Come take a mental rest with me.

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