Happy New Year, friends!

It’s been a little while since I sent a blog post and wanted to touch base. I’m currently taking a break from writing, and have been working on my art skills. I’ve been playing with watercolor markers and working through a watercolor instructional guide.

This writing break comes as God has given me the word “Rest” for 2019. I know He means that I need to rest my mind (normally a tornado), and I’m trying to stay on the path He guides me on. Nothing has been better than those affirming moments when He has answered a prayer or given me more than I thought I was ready for-such as a painting commission! Yes, I’ve received my first commission, and am working diligently on it. (I hope she loves it when I’m finished!)

I also joined a Christian Artist Mentoring Program with Matt Tommey. He’s awesome! Every week he posts a question and answer video which I tune in for because he is just so positive and encouraging. He keeps God the center of it all. I was able to meet a few other members on a video call too, which is exciting. I love meeting new people!

Y’all know I love yarn, so I’ve been doing some knitting and crocheting as well as reading in my “spare” time. (Cough) Yes, I am being intentional about taking time to relax. The past three years and publishing seven books has been quite a race, and it was time to step back and breathe a little.

I hope you are taking time to rest and relax too. And thanks for hanging with me, friends. I appreciate you more than you know!


Published by Dawn M. Paul

I am an artist and writer at DMPaul.com. Come take a mental rest with me.

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