“Strawberry Family” A Speed-painting Video

Hi friends! If you haven’t seen it yet, here is the full version of the digital speed painting video “Strawberry Family” that I created for a calendar contest. Sometimes it’s fun to watch the process. Alas, the painting was not chosen, but I feel it was a worthy effort and I love it anyway. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M-g9UcIuR1w&t=7sContinue reading ““Strawberry Family” A Speed-painting Video”

Adventures in Painting with Dawn Paul, Experimenting with Acrylic Mediums

Here’s my latest YouTube video where I experiment with acrylic paint mediums which include: Liquitex Slo-dri Liquitex Glazing Medium Golden Soft Gel Matte Golden Regular Gel Gloss Golden Heavy Gel Matte https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgg7hMOA5-5A1_3G7CXRqNw Hope this is helpful to you if you’re a painter!  

A Squirmy Child

“No!” screamed the child. The tired mother looked near her wits end. The child squirmed in her arms and pushed at the stuffed toy. The doctor behind them, waiting to enter the church sanctuary, cleared his throat. Neither the child or the mother noticed him. He raised an eyebrow and squinted one eye at hisContinue reading “A Squirmy Child”

“Joy”: A Good News Story

Hello friends! I wanted to tell you a story about the sale of one of my paintings. Last winter I painted a series of watercolor and ink 16 x 20 inch paintings that I called “Fruits of the Spirit.” The first one, called “Joy,” gave me great joy as I painted it with Holy Spirit.Continue reading ““Joy”: A Good News Story”