Grateful Moments 2


My adult child

drives home alone from college

walks with open arms.


Josie in the Meadow


As Josie traipsed through the meadow,

she found a shard of bark

upon which a note was written

without a signature or mark.

It guided her to The Great Shagbark,

a well-known hickory tree,

to find a delightful gift

which, “be only meant for thee.”

She paused for just one moment

in a thoughtful smiling pose

reflecting on the sliver-filled note

and it’s interesting prose.

She skipped a few meters with glee

for Josie loved a mysterious gift

to that old famous hickory tree,

but for skipping, she almost missed.

She bent down to look upon a box

with a broken heart engraved on top

and carefully opened up the lid

which surprised her with a pop!

For within this wooden treasure

lie a shimmery flower of pink

very old but covered in dust

and which let out a putrid stink.

Josie cried out in surprise,

and then shed a tear or two

she never expected a joke to be played

in the forest, by nobody she knew!

This poem was a writing prompt created from brainstorming words in writers’ group!

Picture CC0 by Pixabay.




“Vikings” Theme Song: Emotive Poem


Gongs bang as vibrations seep in…deep tones.

Where do I dive into deepness?

A whisper-is it evil? Or soothing?

Confusion. I want more. Give me more.

No. Not if it’s dark or evil.

If he had a heart-is he a vampire?

Remember deep water, drowning victims,

dead lying on the floor in the video.

But me? I am not a killer-except of verse.

Give me more.

More what? Music? Friends? Spirit Interactions?

Don’t ask for those, darkness comes.

Keep the shadows at bay.

Pray darkness away.

Is there love here, or only emptiness?

Vibrating, beating, a heart’s beat.

Live again.

Life after death. Rejuvenate after the vibrations.

Give me more… Life.

I want a tomorrow.

Original photo provided by CC0 Pixabay and modified by me.