Adventures in Painting with Dawn Paul, Experimenting with Acrylic Mediums

Here’s my latest YouTube video where I experiment with acrylic paint mediums which include:

Liquitex Slo-dri

Liquitex Glazing Medium

Golden Soft Gel Matte

Golden Regular Gel Gloss

Golden Heavy Gel Matte

Hope this is helpful to you if you’re a painter!


“Joy”: A Good News Story

Hello friends!

I wanted to tell you a story about the sale of one of my paintings. Last winter I painted a series of watercolor and ink 16 x 20 inch paintings that I called “Fruits of the Spirit.” The first one, called “Joy,” gave me great joy as I painted it with Holy Spirit. As so many times these days, God went ahead of me. He gave me an assignment and I did my duty by obeying. Sometimes we don’t ever get to see the reward of our obedience, but on this occasion, I have certainly been blessed.

My friend Gina decided to buy this painting for her mom, Linda, as a birthday gift. Now, Linda is a strong woman of God and a pleasure to be around. She is empathetic, compassionate, and sympathetic to people’s plights. She spends time working with several organizations to bring the Word and move God’s kingdom forward.

When Gina gave her mom the painting, she also gave her a live sunflower and sent me some photos, which of course were very fun. On Facebook, Gina tagged me in a post to Linda, where she commented, “I decided to hang that wonderful picture in the dining room between the sconces. It looks so cute there and kind of hugs you wherever you go in the house. Tell Dawn I just love it so much.”

Now that in and of itself was a blessing, and I was assured that my “client” and friends were satisfied. But God. He gives us more than we can imagine.

A couple of weeks later, I was at an author event and Linda stopped in. She came near and told me how much she loves the painting, and that whenever she enters the house from her garage she sees it. She said it makes her so happy. As she was hugging me and making me tear up, the Holy Spirit in me confirmed that I had painted that for her specifically. ***Mind blown.***

God is so good. Linda sat with me for a while and began to pray for me. The next thing I knew, she was praying in tongues over me and gave me an extremely fulfilling Word from God. That’s how God works sometimes. Just out of the blue, a Word, a feeling, a blessing comes at you and blows you away. These moments with Him are amazing and I wish everyone I knew would grow close enough to Him, seeking Him, so they would experience them as I do. God is here, all the time. He is faithful and never changing. We just need to plug into His flow.

Today as I remember that moment, I thank my friend, Gina, and her mom, Linda, because of their faithfulness. I also thank God because there is no better feeling in the world than getting a glimpse with Him. It fills my heart and overflows.

Wishing you warmest blessings,


New Paintings: Introducing the “Fantasy Flora 2” Collection

Hello my amazing friends!

I just wanted to share some new paintings I’ve been working on. I need to get them in the shop!

The last one, “Violet Burgundy” (snort, did you see what I did there?), is going to be a featured painting for a juried art show I was judged into! Details to come on that next week, but keep open June 14th or 15th. But for now, I hope you like them as much as I do, and watch for them in the shop.

God bless!


My First Art Show

Hello, friends!

I’m so excited to tell you about my first art show! It’s beginning today, May 16, at the Village Artisans Gallery in Yellow Springs and the show is titled, “Birds & Bees: Pollinators and Awareness of Beneficial Insects.” It will run until June 21, and I will be attending the ending reception that day from 6-9pm. These three framed works will be available for sale there, and the new art prints are available in the shop on the website at

I’m inviting you to come see the show. It’s an amazing artsy place! Until next time, bee creative! (See what I did there? LOL)


My First Art Submission

Hi friends!

I’m excited to share with you that I’ve entered my first art contest. I am praying my images are received well, as I’ve entered a few of the “Fantasy Flora” collection. I also wrote my first artist statement. It’s a bit on the short side, but hopefully has enough interesting info to help the submission. I’ll share it with you here as well as the images I entered.

“Artist Statement – As a Christian artist, I love to see pops of colors in our natural world. Taking moments to slow down and savor the incredible things that God created is important to me, especially since our everyday lives are so busy. I paint to share this experience.  Each digital painting has its own story and inspiration in the “Fantasy Flora” collection. My hope is that these images enable the viewer to focus on something outside of their busy schedule, to gain a few moments of mental rest.”

Hope you are finding time to have moments of mental rest this week!

God bless you,


The Shop is UP!

Hello friends!

Once again it’s been a while since I’ve blogged, but I have some exciting news-my art skill practice has paid off. I’ve been accepted into the Grove City Wine and Arts Festival juried show! It will be June 14 & 15 in Grove City, Ohio. I am totally excited, but there is so much to do!

Another bit of exciting news is that my shop is finally set up here on the website. You can now purchase book sets, autographed books, and fine art in the form of digital prints of my digital paintings and/or original watercolor paintings.

The rebranding has gone well. You may have noticed the new logo:

The short stories and poems I’ve written over the past few years are still available for free here, so please take a look around and enjoy a mental rest.

In gratitude,



Happy New Year, friends!

It’s been a little while since I sent a blog post and wanted to touch base. I’m currently taking a break from writing, and have been working on my art skills. I’ve been playing with watercolor markers and working through a watercolor instructional guide.

This writing break comes as God has given me the word “Rest” for 2019. I know He means that I need to rest my mind (normally a tornado), and I’m trying to stay on the path He guides me on. Nothing has been better than those affirming moments when He has answered a prayer or given me more than I thought I was ready for-such as a painting commission! Yes, I’ve received my first commission, and am working diligently on it. (I hope she loves it when I’m finished!)

I also joined a Christian Artist Mentoring Program with Matt Tommey. He’s awesome! Every week he posts a question and answer video which I tune in for because he is just so positive and encouraging. He keeps God the center of it all. I was able to meet a few other members on a video call too, which is exciting. I love meeting new people!

Y’all know I love yarn, so I’ve been doing some knitting and crocheting as well as reading in my “spare” time. (Cough) Yes, I am being intentional about taking time to relax. The past three years and publishing seven books has been quite a race, and it was time to step back and breathe a little.

I hope you are taking time to rest and relax too. And thanks for hanging with me, friends. I appreciate you more than you know!