Adventures in Painting with Dawn Paul, Experimenting with Acrylic Mediums

Here’s my latest YouTube video where I experiment with acrylic paint mediums which include: Liquitex Slo-dri Liquitex Glazing Medium Golden Soft Gel Matte Golden Regular Gel Gloss Golden Heavy Gel Matte Hope this is helpful to you if you’re a painter!  

“Joy”: A Good News Story

Hello friends! I wanted to tell you a story about the sale of one of my paintings. Last winter I painted a series of watercolor and ink 16 x 20 inch paintings that I called “Fruits of the Spirit.” The first one, called “Joy,” gave me great joy as I painted it with Holy Spirit.Continue reading ““Joy”: A Good News Story”

New Paintings: Introducing the “Fantasy Flora 2” Collection

Hello my amazing friends! I just wanted to share some new paintings I’ve been working on. I need to get them in the shop! The last one, “Violet Burgundy” (snort, did you see what I did there?), is going to be a featured painting for a juried art show I was judged into! Details toContinue reading “New Paintings: Introducing the “Fantasy Flora 2” Collection”