Releasing a Book

  Each book is like a baby, created, born, and attended through rewrites, edits, and proofs. Baby grows into childhood; every new version improving, then adding input from outsiders. Childhood turns into adulthood… I putz with the manuscript until it’s time to let it fly, even if I’m not ready.

Gone is Uplifting Song

World Wars, the Depression, and then the Stepford 50’s, hallucinogenic 60’s, dancing 70’s sequins, long hair and heavy metal 80’s, drowning in “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.” What even happened in the 90’s? This new organic, tattooed, techie, video-streaming century produces people still loving and leaving. Babies born addicting. Low self-esteem dominating. Pride raging.Continue reading “Gone is Uplifting Song”