The Gift

“It’s time!” Sheila announced to the room as she pointed at the clock. “Let the party start!” She pulled a Christmas popper apart, releasing a handful of confetti into the air. Everyone laughed and then chairs shuffled and drawers slammed as my coworkers closed up for the Christmas break. I closed my tabs on theContinue reading “The Gift”

A Squirmy Child

“No!” screamed the child. The tired mother looked near her wits end. The child squirmed in her arms and pushed at the stuffed toy. The doctor behind them, waiting to enter the church sanctuary, cleared his throat. Neither the child or the mother noticed him. He raised an eyebrow and squinted one eye at hisContinue reading “A Squirmy Child”

Classic Art Series: 5 – Freda

Camille Pissaro, “The Artist’s Garden at Eragny” 1898 – Courtesy National Gallery of Art, Washington Freda pulled another weed from the garden and then stood to rub her back. Another long hot day… I’m ready for some lemonade. I wonder if the painters are too? She picked up her weed bucket and headed toward theContinue reading “Classic Art Series: 5 – Freda”

Classic Art Series: 4 – August Part 2

Paul Cezanne, “House of Pere Lacroix” 1873 – Courtesy National Gallery of Art, Washington …continued. There, in all her glorious dark hair, stood Pila d’Arezzo. August lost his voice. The two men looked at each other, one sick from guilt, the other sick from love. “Hallo, Jackson.” She waved at the barkeeper. “Can I getContinue reading “Classic Art Series: 4 – August Part 2”

Classic Art Series: 4 – August Part 1

Paul Cezanne, “House of Pere Lacroix” 1873 – Courtesy National Gallery of Art, Washington August peered over the pond. What is she doing now? I can’t see her through the trees anymore. Autumn needs to come fast so the leaves fall. I need to see my beloved again. Every day August strolled the walking pathContinue reading “Classic Art Series: 4 – August Part 1”

Classic Art Series: 3 – Roderick

Claude Monet, “Woman with a Parasol” 1875 – Courtesy National Gallery of Art, Washington “Thank you, Ma’am, for letting me sketch you. I will take my sketch home and paint it out. It should be ready for you to pick up by next Wednesday.” The woman nodded. Roderick handed her a note card with aContinue reading “Classic Art Series: 3 – Roderick”

Classic Art Series: 2-Cicely

Paul Cezanne, “Harlequin” 1890 – Courtesy National Gallery of Art, Washington Cicely held her paintbrush aloft as she stared at the model dressed in the harlequin costume. Hmm… What scene should I put him in? I can’t believe I’m having so much trouble with this assignment. It’s been at least twenty minutes and I haven’tContinue reading “Classic Art Series: 2-Cicely”

Classic Art Series: 1 – Sarah

Auguste Renoir, “Oarsmen at Chatou” 1879 – Courtesy National Gallery of Art, Washington   “Don’t go out again!” Sarah called, as she stood on the bank stomping her boot, hiking up her skirt. She looked at her boots and tried to kick the mud off. “Oh, dear, leave the boy alone,” said Daniel, her husband,Continue reading “Classic Art Series: 1 – Sarah”

HL Pic Series: 12 – Hannah

Hannah strolled amongst the flowers, brushing her hand across soft petals as she walked on route to the market. She knew she was late for her shift, but she also knew Rolf would not fire her. She had been late almost every day since she began working there the previous summer. Rolf loved her. SheContinue reading “HL Pic Series: 12 – Hannah”

HL Pic Series: 11 – Laney

Laney backed slowly away from the birch patch, keeping her eyes upon the wolf. She knew the pack was probably close and did not want this mama to feel threatened and begin howling and growling. If she alerted the pack, Laney would surely be their lunch. She had glimpsed four pups suckling mama before theContinue reading “HL Pic Series: 11 – Laney”