A Mother Bears (a Poem)

A mother bears…


Elation at a positive test.

Excitement over pregnancy news.

Confusion at parenting issues.

Terror of health problems.

Pain during labor.


Euphoria when seeing her baby.

Stamina through exhaustion.

Delight in first steps, foods, words.

Intensity to make the best decisions.

Toughness in discipline.


Enchantment at handmade gifts.

Fervor for team activities.

Determination for fundraising.

Contentment when child sleeps.

Satisfaction at healthy checkups.


Dismay at teenage ugliness.

Courage to whisper, not scream.

Strength to endure her child’s misery.

Gratification at child’s choices.

Pride at child’s graduation.


Secret agonizing sobs and prayers.

Aching loneliness in an empty room.

Hope for a phone call or text.

Joy in a meeting or visit.

Pleasure from grateful hugs.


A mother bears it all.

Heart breaking.

Heart warming.

This Ohio Winter

What is this I see?

It’s no snow in January.

Where has the snow all gone?

Global warming, anyone?

Growing up in Minnesota

in winter, we always had a coat on.

Shoveled the sidewalk in New York,

to get to the snow blower, for easier work.

Though at times I think

California’s climate is the pink,

While I live in Ohio

I really don’t like it so mild.

This pathetic winter we’re having

has my whole family scathing.

When can we light the fireplace?

When can we go ice skate?

The heating bill is low,

can’t complain about that – I know.

The coffee, hot chocolate and tea

all still taste the same to me.

Though I may sit and imagine

And work yarn – as is my passion –

the truth is… the grass is still green;

though I just pretend not to see.