A Misty Eve

The horse nickered.

The knight clutched the reins tighter as he waited.

She glanced down from the turret window and wondered, “will he come for me?”

Thunder clapped.

The horse jerked, fearful of the coming storm as he waited.

“Should I run to him? Shall I pack my bags and ride away with him?”

Mist rolled in.

The horse danced and nickered again as he waited.

“I had better decide what to do, before he disappears into the night.”

The horse neighed.

The sound of the horses hooves grew quieter in the mist as he waited.

She threw her belongings into a bag and ran down the steps out the front door.

Gravel crunched.

The horse calmed and sighed heavily as he waited.

“Where is he? Oh, where did he go?” She screamed at the mist, watching it clear.

Lightning flashed.

The horse vanished, though the knight held tight as he waited.

She cried out. The mist had stolen him away from her. Again.

The Facebook Hole


When I’m getting onto Facebook

I feel like I am Alice.

I go down into the rabbit’s hole,

see joy, humor, wit and malice.


Oh, Facebook how can you take from me,

my free time – an hour or two or three?

You’re a demon sucking time,

as I watch another heart-felt meme.


Kittens hitting dogs, men on bended knee,

baby’s giggling, cancer-kids pleading,

Jesus, food, scripture, songs of hope,

even pop culture –  Game of Thrones.


Oh how I try to avoid the moments

when I feel you calling to me,

I know it’s not a good idea

sitting down with coffee or tea.


Settling in to check my groups,

playing a silly game or two,

sending a message or a word of praise,

it can’t be all bad, I assure you.


Yet during all that time I watch

as I laugh, cry, type and share

what am I really accomplishing?

Not a poem, or a drawing, or a prayer.


Please someone, help me from this hole.

I don’t want to cry a pool of tears,

just give me Alice’s fan for my escape-

I’ll shrink away, with thanks and cheers.