A Writer’s Weekend

I mentioned in an earlier blog post that for Mother’s Day my husband booked me into a local hotel for two days of unadulterated writing bliss. I was up in arms about what to pack for clothes and food, but I just packed as if I was going on a normal trip.

Friday night Hubba went with me to check in and then took me out for wings as my last meal before I dove into editing the first book in my middle grade series, “The Trials of Christian Tompta.” I had originally planned to go get food on Saturday as breakfast for both Saturday and Sunday was provided by the hotel, but at dinner that night I ordered a salad and a small pizza to get me through the weekend.

I had a fridge. I had a microwave. I had a coffeemaker and a cup for water. What else would I need?

I set to work at 6:15 Friday night and worked until about 10pm. Eyes blurry and mind tired, I read for about an hour before going to sleep. I woke up well rested about 8am Saturday morning. I quickly showered and headed down to get my breakfast. I was back to work by  9am and worked consistently until about 1-2pm. I broke for lunch and a show (Point of Interest, if you’re wondering) and headed back to work. Kept busy until after 6pm when my lovely Hubba brought me a PB sandwich. He offered. I accepted. He also surprised me with a tiny veggie tray, a Starbucks mocha and a Twix. It was just the right set of snacks to keep me going. I worked a couple more hours before quitting for the day to read a bit before sleep. The next morning was similar to the first except I woke up a bit earlier. I was back to work by 8am and worked diligently until I finished, just before checkout. I completed 26 pages of first round revisions!

My writing buddy was at her weekend away too so we texted and video chatted a bit while working. Being so engrossed in all things writerly made the weekend fly by and I barely noticed that I never left the hotel.

I set out on that weekend a little shaky, not sure if I would spend my time writing as I should, or lounging about on my own, or just reading. I’m happy to say it was a successful endeavor and a wonderful gift!


Thoughts Run Amok

Do you ever have one of those days where you can’t get your thoughts under control? Today mine have just been running around like bees who’ve lost their queen.

I’m excited because I’m packed and ready to go on my writing weekend; two nights in a hotel that was given to me as a Mother’s Day gift from my hubby, to write uninterrupted. My writing buddy received the same gift, and the way scheduling and pricing worked out we just happen to be going the same weekend to our respective dens. It’s been fun discussing what food to bring or go out to get, our writing subjects and outlines as well as what our schedule will look like.

I have not had a weekend like this before so it is all new and exciting. I have wavered back and forth on which clothes to bring: should I wear one pair of shorts and a t-shirt all weekend, or should I shower and change like a normal person? Should I bring food in or go get it? What about water? Coffee? Should I bring 1 book or 6? Maybe I should just lay in bed and read middle grade books all weekend to prep me better for the middle grade books I’m writing! No, I must write. The questions cycle around like a waterspout, just above the surface and not quite landing.

Until I finish packing. I have decided on normal clothing and showers, and that I will go out to get most of my food as a breathing break. I’ll bring chocolate and chips for munching and a giant cup for drinking water. I am down to a nominal 3 books and a magazine. I have my laptop, which I only use for writing – no internet – and my phone for the necessary thesaurus and research issues. I have a stack of notes and my flash drive.

I will edit. I must get ready to release my gnome boy upon the world. Christian Tompta needs to meet the people. I cannot keep him to myself for much longer. I wrote the first 4 books during Nanowrimo last year, and it is time to dust them off and get them produced.

I will let you know how it goes afterwards.