A Writer’s Weekend

I mentioned in an earlier blog post that for Mother’s Day my husband booked me into a local hotel for two days of unadulterated writing bliss. I was up in arms about what to pack for clothes and food, but I just packed as if I was going on a normal trip.

Friday night Hubba went with me to check in and then took me out for wings as my last meal before I dove into editing the first book in my middle grade series, “The Trials of Christian Tompta.” I had originally planned to go get food on Saturday as breakfast for both Saturday and Sunday was provided by the hotel, but at dinner that night I ordered a salad and a small pizza to get me through the weekend.

I had a fridge. I had a microwave. I had a coffeemaker and a cup for water. What else would I need?

I set to work at 6:15 Friday night and worked until about 10pm. Eyes blurry and mind tired, I read for about an hour before going to sleep. I woke up well rested about 8am Saturday morning. I quickly showered and headed down to get my breakfast. I was back to work by  9am and worked consistently until about 1-2pm. I broke for lunch and a show (Point of Interest, if you’re wondering) and headed back to work. Kept busy until after 6pm when my lovely Hubba brought me a PB sandwich. He offered. I accepted. He also surprised me with a tiny veggie tray, a Starbucks mocha and a Twix. It was just the right set of snacks to keep me going. I worked a couple more hours before quitting for the day to read a bit before sleep. The next morning was similar to the first except I woke up a bit earlier. I was back to work by 8am and worked diligently until I finished, just before checkout. I completed 26 pages of first round revisions!

My writing buddy was at her weekend away too so we texted and video chatted a bit while working. Being so engrossed in all things writerly made the weekend fly by and I barely noticed that I never left the hotel.

I set out on that weekend a little shaky, not sure if I would spend my time writing as I should, or lounging about on my own, or just reading. I’m happy to say it was a successful endeavor and a wonderful gift!


Published by Dawn M. Paul

I am an artist and writer at DMPaul.com. Come take a mental rest with me.

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