Spiritual and Physical Warrior

Good morning,

It occurred to me this morning as I worked out that I went to a Halloween party last weekend and did that thing I always do lately, but never intend to do: told a new person I met that I love Jesus – as soon as I walked in the door. I do not know what overtakes me (well, I really do) but its unusual for me and can be a little embarrassing sometimes. I will walk away from events thinking – what just happened?! Most of the time the conversations play out with other people who also love Jesus, so it works out.

What a great segue for what this post is about – working out. Anyway, the conversation got going and so I told this new person that my schedule is extremely busy, and that I developed one way to organize and simplify it. I listen to sermons, bible verses and Christian music, both old hymns and contemporary songs depending on my mood, while I work out. Honestly, I start out with a hip-hop song or two to get me rolling, but once the blood is pumping, I switch to a sermon and then end the session with cool down Christian music.

Throughout our conversation, the young man became very excited about this idea. He told me that he was going to try to instill it into a program at his church. I mostly work out on the elliptical or walk, but his mind immediately sprang to a spin class. I think that’s pretty cool and why I posted today. I thought, if one guy thinks it’s a cool idea, maybe other people will too, especially since it can be modified for any type of workout.

FYI about the sermons: I mostly listen to Life.Church and they run about 30-40 minutes so I usually split it into two sessions, unless its just so good that I need to finish it right then. They run sermons in series by topic and are easy to access on my device. We have moved around a lot, so I also pull  audio sermons from past pastors I’ve had. I was really excited when I found sermons from my favorite Californian! I like Alistair Begg as well, his Scottish(?) accent changes things up a bit and he’s a tad funny (listed under Truth for Life). Also, if you are just bored with what you’ve been listening to, you can check out Sermon Audio for a myriad of choices, or maybe your own Pastor has sermons online.

Working out with the Word really lifts me both physically and spiritually for the day and gets my WARRIOR persona in place to take on daily challenges. Give it a try, maybe it’ll help you too!





My favorite Pastor Russ: http://www.bethanialutheran.net/worship-life/

Have a great work-out!

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