“Joy”: A Good News Story

Hello friends! I wanted to tell you a story about the sale of one of my paintings. Last winter I painted a series of watercolor and ink 16 x 20 inch paintings that I called “Fruits of the Spirit.” The first one, called “Joy,” gave me great joy as I painted it with Holy Spirit.Continue reading ““Joy”: A Good News Story”

Hand of the Lamb

Skin’s so soft, I’m feeling fine bones. Clenching tightly, I grasp on to hold. This physical manifestation of what lies beneath is strength that holds me up, when I can’t seem to breathe. This hand offers softness in its effort to comfort smooths over my soul, while giving me support. I need His grace, mercy,Continue reading “Hand of the Lamb”

Writer’s Digest Review

Last spring I entered my first (and only-finished-so-far-personal-labor-of-love) book in the Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards for 2016. Alas, I did not win. Not that I expected to, but I thought it would be worth a shot, you know – to take advantage of the opportunities that arise, eh? The truth is, even with littleContinue reading “Writer’s Digest Review”