HL Pic Series: 5-Ashley

Ashley stared at the flap-like piece sticking out of the gigantic formation. She’d heard about the strange growth from some of her cycling friends, but did not believe them. Instead, she decided to ride out into the desert by herself to see it; proof was in the sighting – or so her parents had alwaysContinue reading “HL Pic Series: 5-Ashley”

Bible Verses and Perspective

I grew up in a fairly strict church environment, where I learned to feel much guilt and shame. Back then, religious education was about being damned to an eternity of hell fire while living in fear. Man, I am glad perspective has changed in the churches I attend today. They now talk more about God’sContinue reading “Bible Verses and Perspective”

People Seeing God

Since I received my enlightening experience from God (which you may read about in my book, “You Are Forgiven”), I have been enraptured by other people’s divine experiences. My harmony chords were struck when I first learned of Akiane Kamarik – God’s prodigy child painter. God spoke to her when she was just four yearsContinue reading “People Seeing God”

OCD and other things.

I’ve been struggling over the past couple of months. I’m not going to get into the details here, but I feel like evil and temptations have been removing my peace. I need to regain my peace, man! And I think I’m on the road to peaceful recovery. Balance. That is the thing that gets outContinue reading “OCD and other things.”

The Reverend Todd Young Meets… (a Short Story)

The honorable Reverend Todd Young arrived at the conference for “The Correlation of Midwest Pastors” in Dayton with his broken suitcase thumping behind him. As he entered the lobby of the hotel, several people turned to look at him. He bowed his head to a few individually, and then went to check in. Afterward, asContinue reading “The Reverend Todd Young Meets… (a Short Story)”

“You Are Forgiven” Goes Live

Good morning friends, I’m so excited! My book is now available in print edition in the U. S.! It should be available in the U.K. in a few days as well. I have just signed up for a drawing class to hopefully regain some of the skill I had back in high school. I can’tContinue reading ““You Are Forgiven” Goes Live”

#6 in Category!!!

I’m very excited this evening! After only one day, my book “You Are Forgiven” has made it to #6 in one of its categories. Thank you, Jesus! Today I also entered the Erma Bombeck Writing Contest. Pray for me, I want to win that one! God Bless YOU! http://www.amazon.com/You-Are-Forgiven-Testimony-Christian-ebook/dp/B01BMZSYXQ/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1455240682&sr=8-2&keywords=You+Are+Forgiven#customerReviews