HL Pic Series: 12 – Hannah

Hannah strolled amongst the flowers, brushing her hand across soft petals as she walked on route to the market. She knew she was late for her shift, but she also knew Rolf would not fire her. She had been late almost every day since she began working there the previous summer. Rolf loved her. SheContinue reading “HL Pic Series: 12 – Hannah”

HL Pic Series: 11 – Laney

Laney backed slowly away from the birch patch, keeping her eyes upon the wolf. She knew the pack was probably close and did not want this mama to feel threatened and begin howling and growling. If she alerted the pack, Laney would surely be their lunch. She had glimpsed four pups suckling mama before theContinue reading “HL Pic Series: 11 – Laney”

HL Pic Series: 9-Sheila

Sheila grasped her sweater around her shoulders and her stomach grumbled as she stared out past the dock. Randy was not home on time again. The crab legs she made for dinner were already cold. Good thing I snuck a couple while I was cooking. The wind was picking up and the light was disappearingContinue reading “HL Pic Series: 9-Sheila”

HL Pic Series: 8 – Josie

Josie twirled a red umbrella as she walked down the cobble-stoned street toward the Centrum, the center of town from where all streets began. There she knew she would find a restaurant to get a slice of pizza. Pizza was, after all, in every country across Europe. Earlier that morning, like every morning for theContinue reading “HL Pic Series: 8 – Josie”

HL Pic Series: 7-Lucy

Lucy dreamed. She was in Venice this time. Venice? Lucy woke. It must have been spurred by my date tonight. Out with Golly, they had picked up McDonald’s and gone to the park downtown – the one with the pond and the pretty lampposts. That what must be what triggered it. Lucy shook her headContinue reading “HL Pic Series: 7-Lucy”

HL Series: 6-Darlene

Darlene stood on her balcony, gazing out over the Tuscan village and countryside. She never thought she would get out of her small town to venture across an ocean; but here she was, living a life she had never wanted to hope for. She had met Derrick later in life – just after she turnedContinue reading “HL Series: 6-Darlene”

HL Pic Series: 5-Ashley

Ashley stared at the flap-like piece sticking out of the gigantic formation. She’d heard about the strange growth from some of her cycling friends, but did not believe them. Instead, she decided to ride out into the desert by herself to see it; proof was in the sighting – or so her parents had alwaysContinue reading “HL Pic Series: 5-Ashley”

HL Pic Series: 4-Jo

Jo studied the hammock. “I think it will stay,” she said to the small gecko hanging onto a wooden porch post. “Now, it’s time for a margarita.” So far Jo’s dream had not developed as she had planned. She had worked hard for thirty eight years as a school teacher, living frugally and saving everyContinue reading “HL Pic Series: 4-Jo”