Music Moods

I am a firm believer that music affects mood.

Personally, I notice if I listen to hard rock these days it sets me on edge. The screaming makes my ears bleed and the lyrics make me cringe. It puts me in a bad mood. My husband finds this annoying since I grew up in the 80’s and was one of those hair band groupies. He doesn’t think my taste in music should have changed – but changed it has.

I am much more in tune with God these days which caused a willingness to try on contemporary Christian music while driving. I have found it usually has a good beat or tempo, is easy to sing along and lifts my mood to a feeling of lightness. It reminds me of the fun pop songs of the 80’s. My husband and daughter would disagree that they are affected as well when I play it, but I have noticed their happier moods too. I even catch them singing and humming along – but don’t tell them.

My preferred music to write to is New Age. God can be found somewhere between Enya and nature sounds if you’re looking. My mom claims that I am tone-deaf. I may be, but I know what I like. These extended haunting melodies like music from “Lord of the Rings” open my creative portal.

60’s folk music is reserved for craft time. Simon and Garfunkel and Gordon Lightfoot are some of my favorites. Simon and Garfunkel have made a version of “Scarborough Fair” that I enjoy, while Gordon has a deep haunting voice. His songs tell stories, like “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald” about a sinking ship. I’m a story person, so set it to music and I’m hooked.

Cleaning, cooking and shower time are all up for grabs. I listen to modern indie-folk pop like Of Monsters and Men, Lumineers or Blackmore’s Night as well as Irish and Celtic music, some even still from the 80’s like the Cranberries. I super dig Mumford & Sons. These types of songs vary from stories to quick easy beats with a sing-along style. They all put me in a good mood too.

Country makes me feel sad and sometimes full of despair. No thank you. There’s enough of those feelings around without adding music. Rap makes me violent most of the time, which is weird since it can be poetry set to music. I’m not a fan, with the exception of a friend.

Take a minute and see how you feel when you listen to a certain song, or voice, or lyrics. See if you don’t notice a mood shift too.


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