Hand of the Lamb

Skin’s so soft, I’m feeling fine bones. Clenching tightly, I grasp on to hold. This physical manifestation of what lies beneath is strength that holds me up, when I can’t seem to breathe. This hand offers softness in its effort to comfort smooths over my soul, while giving me support. I need His grace, mercy,Continue reading “Hand of the Lamb”

“You Are Forgiven” Goes Live

Good morning friends, I’m so excited! My book is now available in print edition in the U. S.! It should be available in the U.K. in a few days as well. I have just signed up for a drawing class to hopefully regain some of the skill I had back in high school. I can’tContinue reading ““You Are Forgiven” Goes Live”

#6 in Category!!!

I’m very excited this evening! After only one day, my book “You Are Forgiven” has made it to #6 in one of its categories. Thank you, Jesus! Today I also entered the Erma Bombeck Writing Contest. Pray for me, I want to win that one! God Bless YOU! http://www.amazon.com/You-Are-Forgiven-Testimony-Christian-ebook/dp/B01BMZSYXQ/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1455240682&sr=8-2&keywords=You+Are+Forgiven#customerReviews  

Book Launch

I am so excited! I Indie-published my first book through Amazon’s Kindle program. Currently it is only in eBook format, but will hopefully soon be available in a Print-on-Demand version as well. I have set up an Author page on Amazon if you’d like to follow me. You Are Forgiven is my story of testimony.Continue reading “Book Launch”

The Truth About Me & Jesus

The other day I took one of those social media quizzes that told me my word for the new year would be “truth.” This makes perfect sense to me as I am in the midst of rewriting my testimony book, which is about true stories of God working within my life. I struggle in myContinue reading “The Truth About Me & Jesus”

What is the Bible?

Boy, that is indeed a loaded question, and by asking it and giving an answer, I am definitely setting myself up for criticism. However, when God gives me a task, I must obey. This may be the most evangelistic post I’ll ever write, at least it is up until this point. Am I comfortable? HeckContinue reading “What is the Bible?”