A Jaunty Meet-Cute (A Narrative Poem)

There once was a young lady,

who walked along the roadway,

she danced a jig in the shady

of the bright sun shiny day.


She came upon a golden lute

and picked it up to play.

A boy appeared sudden and cute

but he didn’t know what to say.


He looked at the lute in her hand

and gave her a quick smile,

and said he’s in a dance band,

could he walk her along the next mile?


She smiled widely back at him

and then gently shook her head,

her features became very grim

and she looked at him with dread.


I’m sorry, you seem a nice young man,

but you cannot walk with me,

for the people of my clan

will then expect you for tea.


They will holler and hoot

and wait upon your visit,

they will assume you to be cute

and think our meeting kismet.


They will not understand

that I came upon you by mishap.

They’ll expect you to take my hand

as they rib you and give you backslaps.


Our wedding will be too soon upon us,

you will wonder what has hit you.

I’ve seen before this big fuss

when my cousin Carrie met her Hugh.


My family made them quickly wed,

and as they readied for the rite

Hugh swiftly snuck away and fled,

but they brought him back mid-flight.


Now Carrie’s happy as a clam,

she’s born five children so far,

while Hugh never smiles, poor lamb,

I don’t want you to carry that scar.


So I will bow goodbye to you now

and thank you for a quick tune

as I leave your presence somehow

with nobody the wiser this noon.


The boy dipped his head at her,

and watched her turn to leave,

she danced away – no amateur,

and for a moment, he grieved.


This is the story of two young ones

who could have met another day

without threat of wedding or guns

perhaps happy under the fray, anyway.

Published by Dawn M. Paul

I am an artist and writer at DMPaul.com. Come take a mental rest with me.

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