British TV

I might be an Anglophile, ’cause I love British TV;

though if I am, its okay, no one is mocking me.

Comedies are great, the dramas are better

but my heart truly lies amongst the mystery.


The ladies – Ms. Marple, Thyme, and Rosemary –

and the Inspectors: Morse, Poirot, Lewis and Lynley,

they all work to solve an intricate or brutal crime;

but none can compare to Midsomer’s Tom Barnaby.


From Midsomer Murders, he’ll e’er be first choice;

the stories’r told with his wife, Joyce, cheerful and lovely.

Their feisty young daughter joined in the fun,

loving books and acting, she was aptly named Cully.


He shared a sense of peace each day as I sat knitting,

his time on that show too short – oh that Tom Barnaby!

The actor who played him, a man named John Nettles,

retired amidst fanfare at just under seventy.


Barnaby trained a few sidekicks, Gavin Troy, Dan Scott

and Ben Jones. Oh, how I miss them all dearly!

He’d solve every crime and catch the riffraff

and they’d be taken away, ending my eve, cleanly.


The new inspector, John Barnaby, is a fine detective and

I won’t complain much, as he solves crimes quite funnily.

His engaging wife, Sarah, along with his dog, Sykes,

stay home to take care of their baby, a daughter, Betty.


I still watch the new series, each as its doled out,

and I’ll keep knitting, as murder ensues brazenly;

but I’ll never forget, nor shall I stop missing

my favorite detective, that old Chief Inspector, Tom Barnaby.



Published by Dawn M. Paul

I am an artist and writer at Come take a mental rest with me.

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