An Interview

Hello friends!

To begin, I would like to wish you all a very Happy New Year – I hope it’s a year to make your dreams happen.

Recently I was asked by a fellow NaNoWriMo winner to answer a few questions about myself, so here goes…

Do you have a gnome collection? Tell us about the gnomes you love?

I have quite a large collection. As a matter of fact, my daughter just commented on that fact yesterday! I really only like cute gnomes, especially the new ones out now that don’t have faces but are very soft. And I also love socks, so of course my gnome socks are my favorite. My daughter and I are going to attempt to make a few gnomes this year as our annual Christmas craft-to add to our Christmas ensemble. Here are a few of photos of my collection; the painting in the back I recently painted with friends at Pinot’s Pallette and the hat I recently knitted for my “Storyteller Adventures.”

I looked at your Amazon author page. Tell us all of the degrees you have. 

I have an Associate’s Degree in Business Management and Travel, a Diploma in Children’s Literature from the Institute of Children’s Literature, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Humanities with a minor in English Literature. I’d also say I have a Master’s Degree from life experience in Humanity. LOL.

What were your favorite classes?

I went to college seven times and took many eclectic classes. The ones that stick out are Creative Writing, Bodybuilding (which I don’t do), French, Economics with Keynes “Downward Spiral” theory, Medieval Literature i.e. Chaucer’s “Canterbury Tales,” Ballet (which I was told not to do), and my history classes. If I ever get more time, I am going to be taking some of the MIT free online classes – just for fun.

Thanks, Kyle, for checking in!

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