Pele 2


The girl with the golden hair cries

when she thinks no one’s watching.

But Pele stares out from the canvas,

regarding her pain, commiserating.

Kindly friends for them both

would solve life’s tormenting issues.

Helping him to stay quiet

while preventing her overuse of tissues.

He decides she’d be glad of his company,

that she won’t run away in fear

when she knows she’s brought him to life

with her paintbrush strokes and tears.

She won’t scream.

She won’t cry.

She won’t panic.

He won’t die.

He’s decided to give her this gift

A grateful confidant and sweet friendship –

someone to talk to, something to do, a safe place.

Oh, will she accept it with gentleness and grace?

Published by Dawn M. Paul

I am an artist and writer at Come take a mental rest with me.

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