Josie in the Meadow


As Josie traipsed through the meadow,

she found a shard of bark

upon which a note was written

without a signature or mark.

It guided her to The Great Shagbark,

a well-known hickory tree,

to find a delightful gift

which, “be only meant for thee.”

She paused for just one moment

in a thoughtful smiling pose

reflecting on the sliver-filled note

and it’s interesting prose.

She skipped a few meters with glee

for Josie loved a mysterious gift

to that old famous hickory tree,

but for skipping, she almost missed.

She bent down to look upon a box

with a broken heart engraved on top

and carefully opened up the lid

which surprised her with a pop!

For within this wooden treasure

lie a shimmery flower of pink

very old but covered in dust

and which let out a putrid stink.

Josie cried out in surprise,

and then shed a tear or two

she never expected a joke to be played

in the forest, by nobody she knew!

This poem was a writing prompt created from brainstorming words in writers’ group!

Picture CC0 by Pixabay.




Published by Dawn M. Paul

I am an artist and writer at Come take a mental rest with me.

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