In a Literary Newsletter!

Hi friends!

Last week I was featured in a local Dayton literary newsletter by Fred Marion and thought I would share…(P.S. I was tickled!) I also want to mention that in the new year I will be reducing the blog to once per week – except in case of news…

“How can we live more creatively? A one-question interview with Dawn Paul

Q: How can people live more creatively?

A: ‘Taking advantage of opportunities that arise with an open mind allows one to access mental possibility. I often refer to my mind as a faucet of creativity that I turn on and off – which is easier after I have explored or learned something new that inspires me. Looking at art, focusing intently on a song, taking a walk through a park, a mall or a touristy location are all ways to turn on the faucet of creative flow.’

Dawn blogs biweekly at She’ll be indie publishing the first in a series of children’s books, “The Tales of Christian Tompta: GNOMELING,” on March 31, 2017. She was kind enough to share a photo of her art room. She uses one desk to make art (the left desk) and other to write.”


The image was also included. Thanks Fred!

Thanks to all who’ve been reading my blog this past year!

Let’s start 2017 with a bang!


NaNoWriMo 2016

Well, this is exciting! NaNoWriMo starts next week and I can’t wait. I am so enthusiastic this year that I have decided to host a Nano write-in. I’m going to be putting together some kind of word prompts and challenges document to take with me to help jumpstart our creative juices. It’s closer to the middle of the month when the writing drag sets in, so hopefully it will be helpful for those who attend.

I’ll be writing the next four books with Christian Tompta as the main character-and yes, I have planned them out already. I cannot tell you how delighted I am to be moving in this direction, even though I haven’t put out the first series yet. My timeline has been extended on publishing the first series because I decided I am illustrating the books! If you are interested in hearing news about any of my upcoming books, please join my email list. Those on the list will be the first to know when “The Tales of Christian Tompta” books become available.

So what is NaNoWriMo you ask? It’s short for National Novel Writing Month, which is an organization dedicated to doing nonprofit work with kids, libraries, community centers and schools to promote literacy. Their motto is “The World Needs Your Novel.” NaNoWriMo helps writers to focus and create those manuscripts they’ve always dreamed of as well. If you’re interested in donating along with me, here’s a link:

Maybe pick yourself up a t-shirt too? I did… or two…

If you’re interested in writing, get in touch with me. And if you’re local, come to my write-in!

Top 10 Gnome Foods

Now that I am full blown into my Christian Tompta books, I posted this on social media last week and thought it might be fun to have a look at here.

1. Parsley Dumpling Soup
2. Lavender Cookies
3. Dandelion Leaves and Flowers
4. Clover Tea
5. Cinnamon Barley
6. Dragon’s Mouth Tea
7. Sweet Vanilla Cake
8. Oatmeal
9. Mushrooms
10. Rosemary Buns

Thoughts Run Amok

Do you ever have one of those days where you can’t get your thoughts under control? Today mine have just been running around like bees who’ve lost their queen.

I’m excited because I’m packed and ready to go on my writing weekend; two nights in a hotel that was given to me as a Mother’s Day gift from my hubby, to write uninterrupted. My writing buddy received the same gift, and the way scheduling and pricing worked out we just happen to be going the same weekend to our respective dens. It’s been fun discussing what food to bring or go out to get, our writing subjects and outlines as well as what our schedule will look like.

I have not had a weekend like this before so it is all new and exciting. I have wavered back and forth on which clothes to bring: should I wear one pair of shorts and a t-shirt all weekend, or should I shower and change like a normal person? Should I bring food in or go get it? What about water? Coffee? Should I bring 1 book or 6? Maybe I should just lay in bed and read middle grade books all weekend to prep me better for the middle grade books I’m writing! No, I must write. The questions cycle around like a waterspout, just above the surface and not quite landing.

Until I finish packing. I have decided on normal clothing and showers, and that I will go out to get most of my food as a breathing break. I’ll bring chocolate and chips for munching and a giant cup for drinking water. I am down to a nominal 3 books and a magazine. I have my laptop, which I only use for writing – no internet – and my phone for the necessary thesaurus and research issues. I have a stack of notes and my flash drive.

I will edit. I must get ready to release my gnome boy upon the world. Christian Tompta needs to meet the people. I cannot keep him to myself for much longer. I wrote the first 4 books during Nanowrimo last year, and it is time to dust them off and get them produced.

I will let you know how it goes afterwards.



Gnome Love


Today I built the “Gnome and Friends” Facebook page. Why? Because there needs to be a place where people who love cute and friendly gnomes could get together and celebrate them.

Do you know what an otaku is? It’s a person obsessed by something. I learned the term from my daughter who is a Manga otaku. I guess everyone has something they are obsessed by, eh? For some it is their business and making money, for others is it about being popular and/or the center of attention. Even more people are obsessed by some sort of fashion, or collection, or music, or movies, or cars, or food, or exercise, etc.

An introspective person evolves and changes throughout their lifetime. I don’t mean with some platitude about trying to improve. I mean that an introspective person really gets to know their inner self. They are honest in their questioning, but more so in their answers. It can be scary to ask yourself deep questions, but nobody besides God needs to know what you say to yourself. I believe it is very important to find out who you are…on the inside.

I really love that in Scandinavian folklore gnomes are considered guardian spirits. The idea of having someone watching over my shoulder to look out for me reassures me – even if they only stand seven inches tall. Plus, they are just too cute.

Today I own that I am a Gnome Otaku.