Ye-ha! It’s that time of year again! By now I’ll be deep into this year’s story, “Starfrost, the Junkyard Unicorn.” Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? Here’s a pic of my temporary book cover: Isn’t it fun? I love this season. Writers rededicate themselves to working hard on their manuscripts, drink coffee, bounce ideas off each otherContinue reading “NaNoWriMo”

NaNoWriMo 2016

Well, this is exciting! NaNoWriMo starts next week and I can’t wait. I am so enthusiastic this year that I have decided to host a Nano write-in. I’m going to be putting together some kind of word prompts and challenges document to take with me to help jumpstart our creative juices. It’s closer to theContinue reading “NaNoWriMo 2016”

This Messy Life

Sometimes life gets messy. Dirty, stinky, messy. Negative vibes throw you into a tailspin and you wonder why it happens. The key to dealing with a stinky mess is to take one step at a time. Eventually you can trudge through the gray to emerge into the light on the other side. So what’s inContinue reading “This Messy Life”

My 2015 NaNoWriMo Book

Holla! That’s right, the end of November and therefore the end of NaNoWriMo 2015 has come, and I’m happy to report I won! What does that mean exactly? Well, if you have followed along with my updates, you know the goal was to write a novel of at least 50,000 words. I did it! IContinue reading “My 2015 NaNoWriMo Book”