A Library Book

I am so excited! I just received the news that my county library system (7 libraries) has ordered 10-that’s right-10 copies of “Gnomeling, The Tales of Christian Tompta!” YEEHAA! I need to send out a wonderful thank you to Ms. Karen at the Fairborn Library for her support!


I’m sitting on my sofa intending to read one of the thousands of books I have, but I’m truly exhausted. I have been working extremely hard since the first of the year to get these three “Gnomeling” books out. I also started my “Incredible Critters” series, have been blogging regularly, attending all sorts of writingContinue reading “Books”

New Books – “Gnomeling”

In case you haven’t heard already, I am so happy to announce the releases of my new children’s books! “Gnomeling, The Tales of Christian Tompta, Book 1” was released on March 31, and “Gnomeling, The Companion Coloring and Activity Book” was released on April 3. Both are currently available on Amazon. “Gnomeling: The Tales ofContinue reading “New Books – “Gnomeling””

The Info Sheet: Part 3

Continuing from last week, this is the FAQ section of the “Information Sheet:” “For a good range of Frequently Asked Questions, plus much additional information about Harry Potter, visit http://www.jkrowling.com and http://www.pottermore.com Here however, are some of the most commonly asked: Will there ever be another Harry Potter novel? I have always refused to sayContinue reading “The Info Sheet: Part 3”

“Gnomeling” Launch Party!

Join me for the “Gnomeling” Launch Party!! It’s the first book in the middle grade fantasy series, “The Tales of Christian Tompta.” I will also be releasing the “Gnomeling Companion Coloring and Activity Book” at the same time. Links will be posted next week, but here’s the link for the P-A-R-T-Y!!! Make sure to signContinue reading ““Gnomeling” Launch Party!”