The Crone (a Poem)

Her lips turn blue as she shivers with cold and she wonders how she’s gotten so old.   Her hands are gnarled, they can’t knit anymore; her shoulders cave in – they never get warm.   Folks bring her clothes: sweaters, shawls and gloves; she knows that they try so hard out of love.  Continue reading “The Crone (a Poem)”

A Woman Contains (a Poem)

A woman contains a mind that weighs reason, that absorbs and evaluates and then discards.   A woman contains a heart that pumps blood, that can love, that can be broken.   A woman contains blood that flows with life force, that leaks out through cracks, that kills in its absence.   A woman containsContinue reading “A Woman Contains (a Poem)”

This Ohio Winter

What is this I see? It’s no snow in January. Where has the snow all gone? Global warming, anyone? Growing up in Minnesota in winter, we always had a coat on. Shoveled the sidewalk in New York, to get to the snow blower, for easier work. Though at times I think California’s climate is theContinue reading “This Ohio Winter”