Winter to Spring

Buds peek through, before the flowers bloom. We see raincoats and hats, umbrellas too… Little galoshes splash through the puddles, mom makes chase, stays out of the muddle. One day cold and rainy, the next warm and sunny, snow melts, we see squirrels, birds and bunnies. Muddy messes abound as outside comes in… while amongstContinue reading “Winter to Spring”

Gone Again (a Poem)

This breathless emptiness in my chest, makes it hard to breath.   I know he did not intend to leave, nor did he want to.   His blasted integrity makes him take another trip and…   the kid suffers as much as I do. She becomes cranky.   Her grumpiness causes me to feel evenContinue reading “Gone Again (a Poem)”

The Crone (a Poem)

Her lips turn blue as she shivers with cold and she wonders how she’s gotten so old.   Her hands are gnarled, they can’t knit anymore; her shoulders cave in – they never get warm.   Folks bring her clothes: sweaters, shawls and gloves; she knows that they try so hard out of love.  Continue reading “The Crone (a Poem)”

A Woman Contains (a Poem)

A woman contains a mind that weighs reason, that absorbs and evaluates and then discards.   A woman contains a heart that pumps blood, that can love, that can be broken.   A woman contains blood that flows with life force, that leaks out through cracks, that kills in its absence.   A woman containsContinue reading “A Woman Contains (a Poem)”

This Ohio Winter

What is this I see? It’s no snow in January. Where has the snow all gone? Global warming, anyone? Growing up in Minnesota in winter, we always had a coat on. Shoveled the sidewalk in New York, to get to the snow blower, for easier work. Though at times I think California’s climate is theContinue reading “This Ohio Winter”