The Gift

“It’s time!” Sheila announced to the room as she pointed at the clock. “Let the party start!” She pulled a Christmas popper apart, releasing a handful of confetti into the air. Everyone laughed and then chairs shuffled and drawers slammed as my coworkers closed up for the Christmas break.

I closed my tabs on the computer, shut it down, slipped my pens into a cup, and stacked papers into a pile before sliding them into a tall file sitting on my desk. Opening my top drawer to pull out my mirror to check my make-up, I noticed a gift sitting in the back of the drawer. Hmm, I thought. That’s strange. “When did that get there?” I whispered under my breath. I looked around, but no one was nearby. I spotted a tiny tag on it with my name written I curling festive letters.

I looked around once again, but the office had been deserted from everyone headed to the cafeteria. I pulled the gift out and set it upon my desk. The burgundy box was held together by a bright silver ribbon. Jewelry entered my mind, and I wondered who would have given me jewelry at work. And did they know I was dating someone? Nobody here knows that though, I mused.

Curiosity got the better of me so I pulled the ribbon. The bow slid easily apart and shimmered as it landed on the desk. I stared at it for a moment, appreciating the moment. I lifted the lid and exchanged one sparkle for another as gold shined out at me from a bed of white. A tiny key glittered at me.

I picked it up and stared at it, turning it first one way, and then the other, watching the light reflect. What is it for? A charm for a necklace or a bracelet? It couldn’t actually unlock anything, could it? Maybe a locket…or a diary…or even one of those tiny old suitcase locks.

I put it back in the box, then picked up the lid and noticed a note inside. It too was written in curling festive lettering:

“I’ve been watching you closely

and know your heart is good.

Come visit my amazing world,

by unlocking a door of wood.”

I looked around again, instinct I guess. I knew there was nobody left in the office. This is crazy, I thought, as I stared at the walls hoping a door would emerge from the drywall. But, no doors emerged, not big or small, so I put the lid back on the box and slipped it, along with the ribbon and note, into my purse. I’ll deal with it later.

The Boy (a Petrarchan Sonnet)

***This is a sonnet in the form of ABBA ABBA CDECDE***

When King Herod called the money changer

To count all the people across the land

From Galilee Sea to Bethlehem sand

Baby boys were born in extreme danger.

Wisemen came from distant countries stranger

While sleeping lowly shepherds took a stand

When an angel came and held up his hand

To share the news of hope born in a manger.

Followed across the fields a glowing star

to a stable with animals so stark

the humble bundle lay awake that night

as shepherds and wisemen traveled so far.

To this world of despair and broken dark,

He’s brought peace, hope, and joy, ’cause He is light.