Version 2

The Christmas Tree is an ancient custom that in modern days represents Jesus as an ever-living life, just as the evergreen tree continues to stay green through the winter. Over the years I have developed quite the affinity for the trim-a-tree tradition; so much so that some years I may have six or seven different themed trees!

My favorite part is the sparkling lights. I like plain white lights; they are like the stars on the night that Jesus was born (I know, I know-they say they don’t know the exact date, but still…). Also, the red ribbon reminds me of the blood that was shed for my salvation, and the reason for the birth of this babe. No matter how much time goes by, my favorite Christmas colors are always red, white and green. The gentle peaceful music and the kindness of the season are also wonderful parts of my favorite time of the year.

On the lighter side, my daughter and I bake cookies every Christmas. Last year I tried to skip it (anyone remember “Christmas with the Cranks?”), but she gallantly rallied and reminded me it was a tradition of the season. She graduates this year and I hope that she’ll still want to bake cookies with me when she comes back home from college. Our frosted sugar cookies make our home smell good, fill our bellies and warm our hearts.

Here’s a steaming mug of hot cocoa and a sweet sugar cookie held up to you as I wish you a very Merry Christmas. Cheers!

North Star


That bright star that shed light

to lead the wise Magi three

into King Herod’s “city of peace,”

as they brought gifts from the east.

It also led the shepherds

when the angels told them

the Savior’s been born

in a stable, near Bethlehem.

They all journeyed forth

to see this great miracle

that the angels foretold

when they brightly waxed lyrical.

He lay sleeping humbly

in a livestock trough

the babe wrapped in rags

like an old dirty cast-off.

Under that bright star he was born

for the poor and the weak,

a re-connection to God

for any and all, who seek.