The Facebook Hole


When I’m getting onto Facebook

I feel like I am Alice.

I go down into the rabbit’s hole,

see joy, humor, wit and malice.


Oh, Facebook how can you take from me,

my free time – an hour or two or three?

You’re a demon sucking time,

as I watch another heart-felt meme.


Kittens hitting dogs, men on bended knee,

baby’s giggling, cancer-kids pleading,

Jesus, food, scripture, songs of hope,

even pop culture –  Game of Thrones.


Oh how I try to avoid the moments

when I feel you calling to me,

I know it’s not a good idea

sitting down with coffee or tea.


Settling in to check my groups,

playing a silly game or two,

sending a message or a word of praise,

it can’t be all bad, I assure you.


Yet during all that time I watch

as I laugh, cry, type and share

what am I really accomplishing?

Not a poem, or a drawing, or a prayer.


Please someone, help me from this hole.

I don’t want to cry a pool of tears,

just give me Alice’s fan for my escape-

I’ll shrink away, with thanks and cheers.


Published by Dawn M. Paul

I am an artist and writer at Come take a mental rest with me.

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