Black Friday Beast


Oh, Black Friday, you most glorious and heinous beast!

Shoppers win deals, and run around without cease;

saving hard-earned dollars to give gifts of cheer,

to those they deem worthy – the same, year after year.

But the days of orderly madness have come to an end,

as another shopper gets trampled, hoping not dead again.

For what’s the death count, this absurdness brings,

when people aren’t decent and lose their bearing.

Statistics show brawling, teens asleep at the wheel,

pepper spraying, shootings, stabbings and those who steal.

Is it really worth saving a few bucks for these gifts of love

as people cry, bite, scream, run, push and shove.

So my dear friends, if you venture out again on this fateful day,

wear a helmet and pads, be mindful, aware, and pray.

Or maybe, just maybe, take this year off to stay home

play with your children, bake a casserole, or paint a gnome.

Spend time with those you love, don’t worry about gifts,

’cause you’ll give those who are worthy, a much needed lift.

You’ll stay safe, weather you’re hiking or watching TV,

it’ll be worth it, when you see faces filled with glee.


Statistics taken from:


Published by Dawn M. Paul

I am an artist and writer at Come take a mental rest with me.

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