Hammer and the Fish (a Short Story)

“That dog! You know…that one they call Hammer? Today he grabbed the pinkest and biggest salmon I’ve ever caught! Durn dog took it right off my table.” Gary shook his head, “That twisted dog has an epic ability to find my best fish every single day. I swear I have got to find a wayContinue reading “Hammer and the Fish (a Short Story)”

Esme in the Lab (a Short Story)

Esme leaned against the sill and stared at the Eiffel tower from the window of her laboratory. She had been testing bacteria samples on different types of meat all day and longed to go outside, to get out of the hot room that was beginning to reek. “Bonjour!” Cried the woman who set down aContinue reading “Esme in the Lab (a Short Story)”

The Reverend Todd Young Meets… (a Short Story)

The honorable Reverend Todd Young arrived at the conference for “The Correlation of Midwest Pastors” in Dayton with his broken suitcase thumping behind him. As he entered the lobby of the hotel, several people turned to look at him. He bowed his head to a few individually, and then went to check in. Afterward, asContinue reading “The Reverend Todd Young Meets… (a Short Story)”

A Winter Moment

The sky began to cloud over as the man watched the woodchuck shimmy back under his shed. The man loved that shed. It was the largest one he could afford and held two riding lawnmowers, several tomato cages, garden fencing, garden tools and his winter shovels. Even with all those items, he still had roomContinue reading “A Winter Moment”