New Paintings: Introducing the “Fantasy Flora 2” Collection

Hello my amazing friends! I just wanted to share some new paintings I’ve been working on. I need to get them in the shop! The last one, “Violet Burgundy” (snort, did you see what I did there?), is going to be a featured painting for a juried art show I was judged into! Details toContinue reading “New Paintings: Introducing the “Fantasy Flora 2” Collection”

HL Pic Series: 1-Brigid

Brigid leaned her bicycle against the wall, hoping it wouldn’t fall again. She needed to make her flower delivery and did not want to lose the little bit of soil left in the baskets. Last week she hit a rock and fell off her bike, spilling flowers and soil onto the pavement in front ofContinue reading “HL Pic Series: 1-Brigid”