The Gift

“It’s time!” Sheila announced to the room as she pointed at the clock. “Let the party start!” She pulled a Christmas popper apart, releasing a handful of confetti into the air. Everyone laughed and then chairs shuffled and drawers slammed as my coworkers closed up for the Christmas break. I closed my tabs on theContinue reading “The Gift”

A Squirmy Child

“No!” screamed the child. The tired mother looked near her wits end. The child squirmed in her arms and pushed at the stuffed toy. The doctor behind them, waiting to enter the church sanctuary, cleared his throat. Neither the child or the mother noticed him. He raised an eyebrow and squinted one eye at hisContinue reading “A Squirmy Child”

HL Pic Series: 2-Mavis

Mavis sat alone in her rocking chair, wrapped in an old frayed shawl with a dirty afghan across her lap. She stared at the dusty television that no longer worked, and wondered if anyone would knock on her door today. The postman used to knock everyday, handing her mail with a cheerful smile and aContinue reading “HL Pic Series: 2-Mavis”

HL Pic Series: 1-Brigid

Brigid leaned her bicycle against the wall, hoping it wouldn’t fall again. She needed to make her flower delivery and did not want to lose the little bit of soil left in the baskets. Last week she hit a rock and fell off her bike, spilling flowers and soil onto the pavement in front ofContinue reading “HL Pic Series: 1-Brigid”

Hammer and the Fish (a Short Story)

“That dog! You know…that one they call Hammer? Today he grabbed the pinkest and biggest salmon I’ve ever caught! Durn dog took it right off my table.” Gary shook his head, “That twisted dog has an epic ability to find my best fish every single day. I swear I have got to find a wayContinue reading “Hammer and the Fish (a Short Story)”

Esme in the Lab (a Short Story)

Esme leaned against the sill and stared at the Eiffel tower from the window of her laboratory. She had been testing bacteria samples on different types of meat all day and longed to go outside, to get out of the hot room that was beginning to reek. “Bonjour!” Cried the woman who set down aContinue reading “Esme in the Lab (a Short Story)”

The Reverend Todd Young Meets… (a Short Story)

The honorable Reverend Todd Young arrived at the conference for “The Correlation of Midwest Pastors” in Dayton with his broken suitcase thumping behind him. As he entered the lobby of the hotel, several people turned to look at him. He bowed his head to a few individually, and then went to check in. Afterward, asContinue reading “The Reverend Todd Young Meets… (a Short Story)”