Solitude vs. Lonliness (a Vignette)

Standing upon this hill, I feel the sense of solitude as a meditation. I could contemplate different aspects of my own life, or I could get out of my Self to look upon the village below. I focus on the church bell hanging within the white steeple, the tallest point around. I imagine the lifeContinue reading “Solitude vs. Lonliness (a Vignette)”

The Truth About Me & Jesus

The other day I took one of those social media quizzes that told me my word for the new year would be “truth.” This makes perfect sense to me as I am in the midst of rewriting my testimony book, which is about true stories of God working within my life. I struggle in myContinue reading “The Truth About Me & Jesus”

How to Read a Poem

First, gather some free time eliminating all distraction. Next, clear your busy mind, preventing your abstraction.   Let yourself notice specifics as you take each word, one by one. Make certain you grasp the lyrics, but go slowly, until you are done.   Use your dictionary to define, Let the imagery wash over you. TakeContinue reading “How to Read a Poem”